About us

Hello European friends,

We live in Belgium.  Here you see a map of Europe. Belgium is a beautiful country to the west of Europe and is bordered by France, Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the North Sea. Brussels is the capital.

Capital: Brussels (also capital of Europe)
Population: 10 450 000
National holiday: 21 July

Major cities: Brussels, Antwerp.
Antwerp has the fourth largest seaport in the world and it is one of the famous art cities. The other popular art cities are Bruges and Ghent. 
The official languages are Dutch, French and German.

Our school: Independent primary school Saint-Dimpna.
We are  a rather  large school with more than 20 classes. We have nursery education (Kindergarten) as well as primary education.

Holidays in Belgium
During an entire schoolyear  our  children can enjoy 5 holiday-periods :
1 week  around  November 1
2 weeks during the Christmas period
1 week at the end of February
2 weeks in the Easter period
2 full months (Summer holidays) : July and August

These are the subjects  that  are taught to us : mathematics, Dutch, the world around us ( a mix of history, geography, etc…) French, religion, music, physics, sports,  art.

our city:  Geel
Geel has 37000 inhabitants.Geel is situated in the north part of Belgium. It is 40 km from Antwerp and 80 km from Brussels. Geel is known throughout the world for its foster family care. At this moment, about 500 psychiatric patients still stay within foster families in Geel.